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  Completed Projects

Some major past Project are:

  • Parliament Road Sub-division- for Nace Civil
Stormwater, Watermain & Sewermain and associated works for housing projects.

  • Iron Cove Bridge for Baulderstone
Stormwater, watermain & Sewermain and associated works.

  • Bootawa Water Treatment Plant Pipework, Taree – for REED Constructions
Watermain and associated works.

  • Pinnacle Macquarie North -for Liang O’Rourke
Stormwater package and associated works.

  • Cronulla Rail Duplication - for John Holland
Stormwater for railway project and associated works.

  • Windsor Road Upgrade for Baulderstone
Construction of 10km RCP Strowater drainage with associate structure and 1.2km watermian

  • Marion St Outfall Works for Bankstown City Council
Construction of outlet and other associated drainage works.

  • Liverpool-Ashfield Pipeline for Leighton
Construction of air valves pit & scour chambers

  •  Bowral Sewerage Treatment Plant for REED Constructions
Construction of pump stations and associated pipe work

  • Jackson’s Landing- Distillery Hill for Bovis Lend Lease
Construction of stormwater drainage, watermain & Sewermain and associated works.

  • Mudgee-Gulong Water Supply Augmentation for REED Constructions
Watermain and associated works.

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